Car Rental in Netanya

Most of the international car rental companies and some local car rental companies have offices around the independent square (A’tzmauut Square) and some are at the business area around the city (Poleg).

In order to rent a car in Israel, you need to be at least 21 years old, with a clean international driver’s license and an international credit card.

All rental cars are insured for use all around Israel but usually they are not insured for use in the Palestinian Authority territories, such as Bethlehem and Ramallah, and are not allowed into Jordan and Egypt.

Car rental tips

When you are picking up your rental car, pay attention that in some cases cars will only be held by the Car renting company for up to two hours from the designated time.

If you are running late, it is good to contact the company and if you know you’ll be picking a car up at the airport, offer your flight number in the event of flight delays.

Always check on the car rental company’s opening hours, which are not necessarily 24 hours.

Most important is not to forget to bring a credit card in your name.

Remember to note any defects prior to rental and to check what gas the car takes.

Note that some rental companies deliver or collect cars for an additional expense.

In case you got involved in a car accident, it is highly recommended to report details to the car hire company during the time of rental as soon as possible, who may charge for damages as per the rental agreement.

When returning the car, remember to fill up the gas tank and to get a written approval from a car rental company representative that all is in order.


Car hire company details

Shlomo SIXT

Netanya – Usishkin
Address: 2 Usishkin St. Netanya
Phone: +972-9-887-2145

Netanya South
Address: 5b Shderot Giborei Yisra’el St. Netanya
Phone: +972-9-894-6222

WebsiteShlomo SIXT Car rental Israel


Travel Netanya in style. Nicknamed The Diamond on the Mediterranean, Netanya is a cultural oasis located just fifteen miles from Tel Aviv. Boasting museums, galleries, stunning landscapes and state-of-the-art stadiums, Netanya is a city meant to be travelled and enjoyed. The city itself features buses, railways and taxi services to help tourists and residents alike explore the city. To reach Netanya from Israel’s other cities is just as easy; railways connect Netanya with the other major cities and population centers of Israel, while a local bus system makes accessing the many attractions of the city easier than ever before. Reach the clubs, wineries parks and promenades the city is known for, all just a simple bus, taxi, or railway ride away.

Netanya continues to grow, and as development continues along this beautiful Mediterranean coastal vista, the wealth of transportation options available to visitors is also set to expand. No matter where you want to go, there are a number of easy, convenient and affordable ways to navigate Netanya. For tourists hoping to see as much of the city as possible, the bus lines and taxi service centers dotted throughout Netanya’s various districts make a quick trip to the famous promenades or the moving war memorials as simple as can be.

Explore Netanya today and take advantage of the wealth of transportation options the city provides. There is no better way to visit Netanya and explore Israel’s flourishing tourist destinations.
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