Netanya is a beautiful town on the coastal plain of Sharon, Israel. Every year, thousands decide to visit its beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, green promenades, and glimmering night-time light decorations. However, there is more. Let’s have a look at some upcoming events that will win Netanya a spot in your heart forever.

Ride the Waves

From January 19 to 28 Netanya will host the SEAT PRO NETANYA 2017, an international surfing championship. Some of the best surfers on the planet will come to ride the waves here. Certainly, you do not want to miss this event.

Get a Taste of the Universe

Have you ever looked at the stars and wished you knew exactly what you were looking at? If so, you should definitely come to visit Planetanya, a planetarium with the latest projection technology. You will not only learn about the stars, but with its films you will feel like you are floating in outer space. You can also learn and have fun with different machines designed to help both adults and children learn about space and science. And for a change of pace, you can have a taste of Japanese culture thanks to all the activities and performances programed at the outdoor Japanese gardens.

Say It with Music

If music is what you like, head for the upcoming concerts. On January 25, the Israel NK Orchestra will delight all with a new piece that the director of the orchestra wrote specifically for Öystein Baadsvik, the best tuba player in the world. The new composition is called “Panda in love”, you can’t miss it.

In addition to this upcoming event, Netanya is always bubbling with activities. The Netanya International Clown Festival takes place now every year (not recommended if you are afraid of clowns…). You can experiment with Kosher foods in August, during the Kosher Taste festival, and enjoy any of the many musical events that take place all year round. Happy planning and enjoy Netanya!