Netanya and its Promenades: Appreciating the Beauty of the City

The City of Netanya is part of Israel’s Northern Central District, well known for its lovely beaches and bustling tourist area. This beautiful seacoast town is a lively resort city, and one of its main attractions is its 12 kilometer beach dotted with vacation facilities for holidaymakers.

Right above the beach is the most unique feature of Netanya, the Netanya Promenades. The Netanya Promenades is a raised ridge of sandstone cliffs that overlooks the beach and the sea. The long promenade stretches about 9 kilometers long and is about 25 to 45 meters above sea level, giving a commanding view of the Mediterranean. These promenades are one-of-a-kind, and are actually part of what is called the “Israel Road”, which extends throughout the entire country, from the Northern Kibbutz Dan to Eliat in the South. There is one even one section of the promenade that extends to the National Hiking Path, Shvil Israel. Various parts of the promenade are well-manicured and beautifully designed. The different promenades are all different from each other, and are all worth visiting. Another fun part of going to the Netanya promenades is that you can ride a high-speed beach elevator in only 20 seconds from the beach to the Rishonim Promenade, the tourist hub of the area.

Some of the most noteworthy promenades are:

  • Shaked Promenade

This is where the amphitheater is located, where musical performances are held free of charge. The open amphitheater has views of the Mediterranean.

  • Mazok and Danker Promenades

This section has strolling and jogging spaces, and great bicycle trails. There are also great sculptures and lots of shade for relaxing.

  • The Nitza Promenade

This section offers seating, game compounds, and bicycle trails. Children will enjoy the sculptured playgrounds.

  • Ma’apilim Promenade

This is where Israeli artists display their works of art. Also called arts square, this is usually a venue for art exhibits. There is also a skating rink for young ones. This area has historic significance because this is located above the beach where the Ma’apilim sought refuge from the Holocaust in Europe.

  • Rishonim Promenade

This is the tourist backbone of the area, as it runs parallel with the town center. There are a number of cafes and restaurants and rows of beautifully designed pergolas for relaxation. The glass elevator can be accessed from this promenade.

There is always something to do in the city of Netanya for all types of holidaymakers. History buffs can visit ancient sites such as the Um Khaled Khanand the Pninat Shabtai Museum. Nature lovers will marvel at the 1,000 year old sycamore tree and visit various nature reserves like the Irises Reserve, Udim Reserve, and the Nahal Poleg Nature Reserveon the southern part of Netanya.

With its dynamic holiday atmosphere and gorgeous scenery, Netanya is a great vacation destination. Visit the City of Netanya and have an unforgettable holiday.