Netanya is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in Israel. It is a coastal city located in the Northern Central District, halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Often used by tourists as a starting point for other common attractions in Israel, Netanya also gets its share of visitors by the thousands. They are often lured by its pleasant Mediterranean climate, cosmopolitan beach lifestyle, and its many engaging activities.

Blessed with a 14 kilometre shoreline, Netanya has beautiful beaches dotted with gourmet restaurants, water sports facilities, saunas and heated pools, and luxury hotels. There is even a beach that has a children’s camp, and a beach that’s especially dedicated for those who want to follow their religious beliefs and have separate swimming areas for men and women.

Netanya has something to offer for everyone. Its famous promenades offer a myriad of engaging activities and destinations. For the more active holidaymakers, Netanya offers various sports activities from volleyball, parachuting, paragliding, to golf, horseback riding, wall climbing and rollerblading. The promenade also has unique high-speed beach elevators, which goes up from sea level to the promenade level on the Center District. Netanya currently has two three-story elevators.

Netanya’s promenades and beaches are connected to Israel’s National Trail, Shvil Israel. The trail runs from northern Israel (Dan) to the southern part of the country (Eliat). If you are an avid hiker, you can follow the trail as hikers pass through the coastal city.

If you love to spend time getting to know the history of the city or exploring archaeological sites, you can go on a tour to see the Well Museum, The Tribes of Israel Pearl Museum, and the Tractor History Museum.

Nature lovers who are travelling with children can visit the parrot farm or arrange a tour to Moshav Mishmeret, an animal farm that features bee hives and orange-picking. People are also fascinated with the 1,000 year old sycamore tree, located in Sycamore garden. There are also beautiful nature reserves in the southern part of Netanya – the Irises Reserve, the Nahal Poleg Nature Reserve, and the Udim Reserve.

Fun, food, nature, adventure, and relaxing moments are all available in beautiful Netanya.