Parks & Nature Reserves

Nature reserves are some of the greatest initiatives of humans. Since we, humans, inhabited the whole planet, many species of animals, plants, and geographical structures were destroyed and even brought to extinction.

These nature reserves are great places to always remind ourselves that we are not the only creatures living in this world.

Through these reserves, we are able to preserve animals and other natural things and let the next generations to see their beauty. Today, there already numerous different nature reserves around the world.

Some of the most beautiful nature reserves can be seen and experienced in Netanya, Israel.

Through the years, Netanya, Israel has been a popular place when it comes to nature reserves.

Thanks to different public and private organizations, some nature reserves have been developed for tourism for people who would like to experience nature.

They put up parks within nature reserves, so visitors would have closer perspective on the true beauty of nature.

In relation to this, various tourism companies were also founded to guide visitors in these nature reserves that will give them unforgettable experiences.

Being one of the pioneers of park and nature reserves tourism in Netanya, Israel, we are happy to help you see reserves in a different view that will surely make you love nature even more.